About the CLD

The Comparative Legislators Database (CLD) is a one-stop shop for rich, diverse and integrated individual-level data on national political representatives. The database contains information for over 67,000 contemporary and historical legislators from 16 countries. It unites collaborative micro-data collection efforts and brings these together through the integration of data from Wikipedia, Wikidata, and other sources.


2023/04/15: Release of the CLD update
We’re happy to announce the release an update of our database. The update comes with four additional countries and 6 additional legislatures being covered, plus lots of more improvements under the hood.

2021/02/23: CLD paper published in BJPS
Our paper introducing the CLD was published in the British Journal of Political Science.

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Database stats

16 countries
18 legislatures
529 legislative sessions
67k+ politicians
9 integrated other datasets
10k+ legislatoR package downloads


The Comparative Legislators Database (CLD) is a team effort comprised of volunteer developers from multiple academic institutions. Learn about the ways you can contribute to the development of the CLD.

How to cite

Göbel, S., & Munzert, S. (2022). The Comparative Legislators Database. British Journal of Political Science, 52(3), 1398-1408.” [Download Bibtex here]


We acknowledge financial support for this project by the Daimler and Benz Foundation and the Hertie School.


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