The Comparative Legislators Database (CLD) is a one-stop shop for rich, diverse and integrated individual-level data on national political representatives. The database contains information for over 67,000 contemporary and historical legislators from 16 countries. In our project, we unite collaborative micro-data collection efforts. We bring these together through the use of Wikipedia and Wikidata.

Data access

There are multiple ways to access the data depending your use-case. You can download the files for individual legislatures or use the legislatoR package for the software environment R.

Database structure

The CLD is a relational database. This means that all data can be joined with the Core table via one of two keys - the Wikipedia page ID or the Wikidata ID.

Learn more about the database structure.

Data coverage

In its current version, the CLD covers the following legislatures:

Country Legislative sessions Politicians (unique*) Integrated with
Austria (Nationalrat) all 27
1,923 ParlSpeech V2 (Rauh/Schwalbach 2020)
Brazil (Câmara dos Deputados) 38-57
Canada (House of Commons) all 44
Czech Republic (Poslanecka Snemovna) all 9
1,124 ParlSpeech V1 (Rauh et al. 2017)
France (Assemblée) all 16
Germany (Bundestag) all 20
4,371 BTVote data (Bergmann et al. 2018),
ParlSpeech V1 (Rauh et al. 2017),
Reelection Prospects data (Stoffel/Sieberer 2017)
Ireland (Dail) all 33
1,408 Database of Parliamentary Speeches in Ireland (Herzog/Mikhaylov 2017)
Israel (Knesset) all 25
Italy (Camera dei deputati and Senato della Repubblica) all 19
Japan (Shūgiin) all 49
Netherlands (Tweede Kamer) all 65
Scotland (Parliament) all 6
348 ParlScot (Braby/Fraser 2021)
Spain (Congreso de los Diputados) all 14
2,616 ParlSpeech V2 (Rauh/Schwalbach 2020)
Turkey (Büyük Millet Meclisi) all 27
United Kingdom (House of Commons) all 58
11,321 EggersSpirling data (starting from
38th session, Eggers/Spirling 2014),
ParlSpeech V1 (Rauh et al. 2017)
United States (House and Senate) all 117
12,593 Voteview data (Lewis et al. 2019),
Congressional Bills Project data (Adler/Wilkerson 2018)
16 529 67,945 12

* We only count legislators with a unique Wikipedia page or Wikidata ID. Sometimes legislators do not have either. Such cases are indicated by the string “miss” in the wikidataid or pageid.